Thursday, May 4, 2017

           All Bran Banana Nut Bread 
I will be visiting my sister this weekend she moved into a new house and I am making her some Banana Nut Bread 💜
The recipe is from that back of an All Bran cereal box 😊
I really love this recipe.  One thing I did substitute though was applesauce for the butter. This is my third time making the recipe and each time I have substituted the butter with applesauce. It works 😀

I didn't have walnuts, only pecans... I didn't want to chance it, so I left out the nuts.
I was looking for a cute baking dish to bake the bread in and I found this set at Tuesday Mornings, I was so happy to find it in blue and white because my sisters dishes are the same shade of blue. When I got home and washed them I noticed the large one had a chip in the corner 😥


  1. A great recipe to try; I always have a few bananas that my hubby leaves on the rack!

    1. 🤗 That is how our house works too. I really think you will like it 🌸

  2. My sweet sister is so special Thank you ��