Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Beautiful Visit at Mum's

this is the centerpiece on Mum's Dinning Room table
Cream and Sugar 
Tea with my Mum today
this sweet teacup sits on a book 
the cobalt blue in these cups are true beauty 
fancy flower and berry tea cake
this silver set sits in mum's kitchen, just so pretty
I love the tea cups mum has on pegs in the kitchen doorway, the photo on the wall is my Grandma when she was a little girl
looks so much like Cinderella 
baby blue and roses 
this teacup is sitting on a pop-belly stove 
oh Canada! 
 mum has the best wallpaper for photo's and the most pretty teacups

Isobel's Collection 
who does not love Royal Albert
Cream / Sugar 
This precious Victorian boot was the perfect backdrop for this dante rose petal teacup  
From Germany 
black and gold

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